K.D.N.Weerasinghe M.sc (Hons),(Ph.D.,)  Engineer Agronomist (; Prof. Emeritus Univ. of Ruhuna and  Asoka Fellow ( US )  for social innovation. Now  attached to the Technology faculty of the  Horizon campus as Head of the Bio-Systems Technology program. He completed nearly   35 years of academic services to the Univ. of Ruhuna being the founder head and Chair of the  Agric. Engineering Dept.( 2003-2014 ), and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture ( 2001-2007 ). He also served as a  Director of research (ORSTOM, France 1990 ) and,  Consultant Asian Disaster Preparedness Center,  (ADPC, Bangkok ( 2011- 2014 ). and a Consultant world Bank project attached to Ministry of Primary Industries on Agric, Sector Modernization ( 2018-2022 ).  

Being a researcher, Since 2016 he served as a Partner of the EU support programs  Erasmus Plus, on Advancing skill Creation to enhance transformation, ( ASCENT 2016-2019 ); Build Resilient Tropical Agric. Ecosystems (BRITAE 2020-2023 );  Integrating  Education with  Consumer Behavior  ( BECK 2018-2021 ),  Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration, SECRA ( 2020-2023. He is the research coordinator and leader of the HCBT partnership of the  FOUNTAIN project.

Prof.Weera is a winner of the prestigious DAAD Advanced Fellowship ( Germany ), and Advanced fellowship of the  Institute of  Advanced Studies Durham Univ.( UK ) for Research Excellence . He was the winner of, the Sri Lanka, University Grants Commission, (UGC ) Award for Best Researcher,  ( 2004 )  Ruhuna University Awards for the Most Outstanding Promoter of international relations  (2004 ), Most Outstanding Staff Inventor Innovator 2005, Highest Recipient of Grants (2005 ), outstanding  Senior Scholar (2006), He also a  Gold medalist of Computer-implemented inventions in  Taipei  2007, Suzhou China, (2008) and a Winner of the National Resilience Award of Sri Lanka offered  by the Prime minister  in 2014 

Prf. Weera is also served as a consultant to the Climate Change and Resource Management program of the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center ( ADPC )  and engaged in flood mitigation and coastal ecosystem restoration programs to meet the challenges of the  Climate challenge in coastal ecosystems.  He also served as the livelihood Resilience building specialist in the project on “Mainstreaming Weather and Climate Information Applications for Enhancement of Agroecosystem Services in the lower Mekong River Basin in Vietnam and Nilwala River Basin in Sri Lanka. Prof. Weera has many years of experience in the academic field of building community resilience in   Drought and flood risk management eco-systems.  He is an author of more than 200 Research publications, Monographs, and books;  5 patents in cinnamon mechanization, and hydroponics media development.    

Prof. H. Lilaknath Obeyesekera

Dean, Faculty of Technology, Horizon Campus, Malabe, Sri Lanka. hlo.rector@gmail.com

M.Sc. Eng. Agronomist, Ph.D. in Agriculture (Plant Breeding and Seed Production), PFU, USSR, PgC in Curriculum Development and Planning, University of Wollongong, Australia, PrC in SME and Development Policy, NIIC, Negev, Israel, MCIOB, SL and Invited Professor, Faculty of Business and Engineering, East-European University, Georgia.

Over 37 years’ experiences in academic fields of Agriculture, Bio Recourses Management, Curriculum Development and Planning, Vocational Technology, Agriculture Innovation & Commercialization, and he has Senior Administrative, Management and Education Policy Planning experience in many Public and Private Institutions/ Universities, and National Authorities as an Advisor, Rector, Director General and Chairman positions, and many experience as Director of International projects in Education, and Tertiary/ Higher Education.

As a Vice President of IVETA- International VET Association, USA he was Awarded the Year of Excellence (2009) for his Immense Contribution to the Tertiary Education Development in the Sector of Education & Techno – Innovation in South Asian Region and IVETA Promotion. Served as a Country Liaison Officer of Colombo Plan Org- CPSC, Manila, promoting tertiary education with concepts of Digital Transformation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and contributed his service as a Country Representative for the Asia-Pacific Accreditation Certification Commission (APACC). 

In addition, as a Country Representative Expert for the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, Geneva, and served in the sector of Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore, and worked on major IP issues, solutions for controversial treaty & patented areas, and protecting national IPs & patent rights. He has given continued support to develop a proposal for Agriculture Education System for Sri Lanka and South Asia as a Regional Representative for Asia Productivity Organization, APO, Japan, developed and incorporated formal and semi formal educational activities to encourage trainees’ in order to involved in innovation activities and small start up activities. Merit award winner of international ENVIRONLANKA, 93 Exhibition for Innovation Promotion and Successive Industrial Waste Management Concept, Introducing Commercially Viable Sustainable Small Scale Agro Business (Business Network).

As an Education Policy Maker, proposed and implemented the Technology Education Stream for Collegiate Level Education in Sri Lanka and introduced the upward mobility path ways up to Tertiary and Higher Education Systems and was awarded the Education Excellence in Agriculture Education Promotion for Future Generation as a System Changer.

As an Academic, he has published more than 60 publications in Agriculture & Education Sector, and attended in many local and international conferences, symposiums in many countries. Currently, closely work with EU- EVBB Tertiary-Vocational Education Institutional Association, Brussels as an institutional member for development in sectors of many demanding areas in Sustainable Education, Climate Resilience, Post – Covid and Global Disaster Management.

Shashiprabha Ekanayake – Former Research Assistant

She is a dedicated research assistant with a background in Export Agriculture, holding a BSc degree from Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka. Her academic journey culminated in her BSc final year research project and thesis, Sustainable Watershed Management, for which she received recognition as the  ‘Best Paper’ at the 7th International Research Conference of Uva Wellassa University in 2023.

She has also contributed to the field through abstract publications and extended abstract publications at prestigious conferences, further exemplifying her commitment to academic excellence. She actively engages in various projects and initiatives, including ‘Aswenna,’ ‘Water for Sanitation,’ and ‘Helping Matideniya,’ demonstrating her passion for community development and sustainable practices.

Her journey extends beyond academia, as she completed training programs in disaster management and flood risk management, showcasing her dedication to enhancing community resilience. Moreover, she’s gained practical experience through an industrial training at Ceylon Tobacco Company, where she focused on sustainable production strategies.

She represented Sri Lanka, and Uva Wellassa University at JENESYS 2022 Japanese Friendship Ties Program held in Tokyo, Japan. She is also a G17 University Ambassador, working for SDGs and completed her internship at G17 University Ambassadors Consortium 2021, as an Excellency Award winning ambassador. She was also an Active Citizen of GGP (Going Global Partnerships) Uni Cycle at AHEAD (Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development Project of the Department of Export Agriculture, Uva Wellassa University.

She is committed to both academic excellence and community betterment, and she’s excited to contribute her skills and knowledge to the FOUNTAIN Project at Horizon Campus.

Monasha Charubhashi – Research Assistant

She is a dedicated research assistant with a strong background in agriculture, holding a BSc specialized degree in Agriculture Resource Management and Technology, with a focus on Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Technology, University of Ruhuna.

Her passion for sustainability is evident in her academic and research pursuits. She successfully completed her undergraduate research project, which focused on improving indoor air quality through the implementation of vertical greenery systems. This research not only showcased her ability to tackle complex agricultural engineering challenges but also demonstrated her commitment to environmentally conscious solutions. She has contributed to the field through journal publication related to her research, as well as abstracts and extended abstract publications presented at prestigious conferences

Her journey extends beyond academia, having completed training programs at the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka. There, she worked in the Green Rating and Certification division, and later in the Research and Special Projects division. During this time, she participated in and coordinated the formulation of the GREENSL® Green Home Rating Tool and served as the chief editor of the Green Guardian newsletter. Her professional experience also includes working with the Colombo Direct Aid (AusAID) , the USAID Climate Adaptation Project, and the NSBM Circular University project. These roles have refined her skills in conducting research, managing projects, and collaborating effectively, thereby fostering innovation and problem-solving capabilities crucial in diverse professional contexts.

Committed to both academic excellence and community betterment, she is excited to contribute her skills and knowledge to the FOUNTAIN Project at Horizon Campus.