Prof. Dr. Arturas Kaklauskas

Prof. Dr. Arturas Kaklauskas is a Prof. Dr. Habil in Civil Engineering, and currently, he is the Head of the Department. His research interest areas are energy, climate change, resilience management, healthy house, sustainable built environment, big data analytics, intelligent decision support systems, adaptive MOOCs, intelligent tutoring systems, and intelligent library, etc. He is a laureate of the Lithuanian Science Prize and an expert member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. He has 26 years of professional experience after obtaining his Ph.D. and more than 23 years of international experience as an expert, a team leader, and a coordinator. Prof. Dr. Habil Arturas Kaklauskas has published 9 books and more than 250 research papers. He has also supervised the works of 12 Ph.D. students and has participated in more than 30 projects in the EU, the US, Africa, and Asia. He is also the Editor of three international journals, H-Index: 33.

Prof. Dr. Audrius Banaitis

Prof. Dr. Audrius Banaitis has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. His research interest areas are: innovation management, project management, sustainable building, green building, climate change, housing, and e-learning. He is a Professor in subjects like: investment and innovations, strategic management of construction, and real estate. His Participation in Framework 6, Intelligent Energy – Europe, INTERREG, Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS+, and HORIZON 2020 projects are highly recognized. He is the Editor-in-Chief, the International Journal of Strategic Property Management, H-Index: 23

Dr. Ieva Ubarte

Dr. Ieva Ubarte has a PhD in Civil Engineering and currently, she works as a Researcher attached to the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Her research interests areas are: healthy house, sustainable built environment, multiple criteria assessment and decision support, information, and biometric technologies. She has participated in H2020, Tempus, ERASMUS+ projects.