Evangelia Petridou

Evangelia Petridou is associate professor at Mid Sweden University, Sweden, and senior researcher at NTNU Social Research in Norway. She is co-editor of the International Review of Public Policy (IRPP). Her research interests center on policy process theories and specifically policy entrepreneurship, collaboration mechanisms in bureaucracies, and crisis management as a policy sector. She is the author of more than 25 peer-reviewed articles, several book chapters, and has co-edited two volumes and two journal special issues. For a full publication list please see Mid Sweden University and Google Scholar. She is the lead, co-lead, and is involved in, research projects funded by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, the European Union, and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. She is an expert on policy entrepreneur(ship).

Jörgen Sparf

Jörgen Sparf is Associate Professor in sociology, a founding member of the Risk and Crisis Research Center at Mid Sweden University and director of the immersive simulation environment RCR Lab. His theoretical interest is in relational aspects of institutions and organizations which he applies in the empirical field of societal resilience and disaster risk reduction. Some relevant journals that Jörgen has published in are Policy and Society, Safety Science, and Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management.