Prof. M.H.J.P. Gunarathna – Department of Agricultural Engineering &  Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture


M.H.J.P. Gunarathna is a Professor in Agricultural Engineering attached to the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science, RUSL. He is a distinguished scholar with a robust educational background that includes a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Ruhuna, an MS in Agricultural Engineering from Central Luzon State University, and a PhD in Regional Resource Environmental Engineering from Kagoshima University. With a passion for sustainable development and a career spanning over two decades, Prof. Gunarathna is committed to making meaningful contributions to the field of Agricultural Engineering and related fields. He authored more than 15 articles indexed in Web of Science, contributing insights to the global body of knowledge. In addition, he has penned four books and presented over 100 scientific communications in prestigious journals and proceedings. These accomplishments reflect his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. His research interests mirror the commitment to sustainable practices in agricultural water management, crop and environmental modeling, climate change dynamics, and water quality assessment. Acknowledging the depth of his research contributions, Professor Gunarathna was honored as the most outstanding senior researcher of the Faculty of Agriculture during RUSL’s 25th celebratory event held in 2022. He contributed as a consultant to esteemed organizations including the International Water Management Institute, the National Cleaner Production Centre, and the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka. At present, he is serving as the Director/ OTS of the AHEAD project funded by the World Bank. Also, he is serving as Deputy Director of Examinations at the Center for Distance and Continuing Education of RUSL.

Dr. Chinthaka Karalliyadda – Department of Agricultural Systems, Faculty of Agriculture


Chinthaka Karalliyadda is an accomplished Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Agricultural Systems at the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, concurrently serving as the Director of the International Relations Unit. Currently, he plays a pivotal role as the Academic Coordinator, overseeing Curriculum Development for the Erasmus+-funded MSc in Agroecology Program within RUSL’s Faculty of Agriculture. With a diverse background, his journey includes corporate experience as an executive at A Baur and Co. Pvt. Ltd. and educational contributions as a former visiting lecturer at the Open University. His educational foundation comprises a BSc degree in Agricultural Technology and Management, an MSc degree in Organizational Management from the University of Peradeniya, and professional accreditation in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Personal Management (IPM) Sri Lanka. Further enriching his academic profile, he earned a Japanese MEXT Scholarship from 2015 to 2021, culminating in a Master’s degree in Regional Design in Art and Economics from Saga University, Japan, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy from Kagoshima University’s United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences. Notably, his accomplishments extend to his membership in esteemed international organizations such as the Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics Society of Japan and the Japanese Association for Rural Studies.